Prototyping and Wireframing

Prototyping and Wireframing /

Furious Tribe believe in the use of low-fidelity wireframing, rapid prototyping and strategic thinking when creating a product for our clients. Designing heightened experiences from both the client and end-user's perspective allows the structure of our projects to grow quickly at the early stages of development.

Wireframing caters to the iterative starting process of crafting an experience. This is so that leaping prematurely into the coding process doesn't occur. Error prevention is prevalent throughout the strategic path Furious Tribe take, in ensuring that no detrimental changes are made at vital stages of product development.

Final designs are achieved quickly using rapid prototyping, and clients are presented with alluring user interfaces of what their product will look like. Another primary focus is on attention to detail, with further emphasis on creating impactful experiences from beginning to end.