RSA Chile Case Study

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RSA Chile Case Study

RSA - Case Study


RSA Chile use the mobile channel to deepen the relationship between their brand and customers.

Furious Tribe produced a mobile business strategy, roadmap and return on investment case analysis that helped us achieve real results.

2 Remote Teams

Santiago, Chile --- Dublin, Ireland

Santiago, Chile - Dublin, Ireland

The Brief /

The Brief

Thinking Differently

Insurance is seen as a very traditional, risk averse industry. RSA wanted help to think differently about the way they approached customer retention.

Breaking the Cycle

For RSA "breaking the cycle" meant doing something new and fresh in the mobile channel, leap frogging competitors and releasing something cutting edge.

Pushing the Market

RSA wanted to benchmark against competitors, to come up with something new and engaging for mobile insurance, something that had not been done before.

Driving Product Innovation

A big part of the strategy was to really get closer to customers and allow their feedback to guide the product development process.

Market Research & Analysis /

Market Research & Analysis

What do Users Really Want?

All too often, companies make guesses about the features customers need. With this product there was no room for guess work and we completed extensive market research.

Main Outcome of Market Research

We found out that users in the Chilean market were ready and willing to make insurance claims on mobile device.

Mobile Innovation Strategy /

New thinking

Following on from the market research phase, we presented a proposal with new ideas on how to engage customers.

Notification of Loss

We had a number ideas for benchmarking against competitors but we felt that RSA would differentiate with good First Notification of Loss services (FNOL).

Customer Retention

Our proposed innovation strategy was based on deepening the relationship between the RSA brand and their customers to improve retention.


Our innovation strategy document contained several "ideas" for new insurance services within the mobile channel.

Competitive Analysis & Roadmap /

Competitor Review

We conducted an interview with RSA to establish key competitors, then looking at how these competitors interacted with their customers in the digital channel.

Feature Comparison

A feature comparison was conducted to examine what our competitors offered and the likely impact of those features on customers.

Visionary Roadmap

We produced a visionary roadmap that illustrated our vision of the future, in terms of technology enablers and industry trends.

Competitive Roadmap

The competitive roadmap helped us to visually plot the activities of key competitors and when they would be likely to release new features.

Persona & Task Analysis /

Persona & Task Analysis

Personas show us the way

By looking at the different personas that needed to interact with the App, their technical aptitudes and key motivators we were able to produce a product that was more on purpose with user goals.

Understanding their needs

Having a view of the tasks and scenarios that users need to undertake on the App, help us prioritise the information architecture and placement of certain elements.

Application Flow & Wireframes /

Application Flow & Wireframes

Information Architecture

First we created a high level information architecture to plan the different screens and how the user would interact.


We then completed low-fi wireframing on whiteboards to broadly plan the placement and design of information on each screen.


Once we had decided on the wireframes we moved on to build a proto-app that communicated the design goals to all stakeholders.

User testing

Using the proto-app we were able to complete informal user testing to see how real users interacted with the mobile experience.

The Finished Product /

The Finished Product

1. Enter Claim Details

In the first step, the end user enters their policy details.

2.0 Geo Location

Next they tag their location with GPS of where the accident happened.

Capture Photo

The user then uses the camera feature to record a photo of the event.

Claim Submitted

The claim is then submitted and securely sent to RSA.