Nedbank Case Study

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Nedbank Case Study

Nedbank - Case Study


Nedbank use the mobile channel to deepen the relationship between their brand and the customer

Furious Tribe produced a mobile business strategy, roadmap and return on investment case analysis that achieved real results.

2 Remote Teams

Johannesburg, South Africa --- Dublin, Ireland

Santiago, Chile - Dublin, Ireland

The Brief /

The Brief

About Nedbank

Nedbank is one of the 'Big Four' banks in South Africa. However they felt they were lagging behind some of the other 'big four' banks in terms of mobile banking and innovation. Some of their key competitors had already entered the mobile banking space and they recognized it was an area within their own business that required some action.

A Bank for All

Nedbank felt it was necessary to develop a mobile banking solution that encouraged more customer interaction with the bank. Within the South African market, in order to truly be a 'bank for all', Nedbank wanted to develop a mobile solution that reached all areas of the diverse South African client base.

Mobile Experience

In order to do this, Nedbank hired Furious Tribe as their mobile experience experts to design this mobile solution and to work closely with Nedbanks' in-house development team to execute the solution.

Persona & Task Analysis /

Persona & Task Analysis

Designing Personas

After engaging with Nedbank the Furious Tribe team flew to Capetown, South Africa and conducted a workshop there for a week based on the Mobile Channel. As part of this workshop we conducted interviews with Nedbank clients to discuss how they interacted with the bank and what they would like to achieve with a mobile App. We also discussed what type of hardware (phone type, tablet etc) they had. Following these interviews we constructed a set of Personas on which to base our UX decisions.

Application Flow & Wireframes /

Application Flow & Wireframes Application Flow & Wireframes

Defining User Interactions

During the design phase of the Nedbank project we focused on both the overall design and the user interaction. Following on from the Personas we designed, we made wireframes of the App for each platform separately, examining in minute detail how the user would interact with each screen.


We spent time analysing everything from what a button should do to where it should go and how big it should be. We designed the user interface to give the most engaging experience the user can have.

Visual Design

Once the user experience had been fully defined, our creative director worked closely with Nedbank and their brand managers to implement a visual design that is both appealing and functional and adhered to the Nedbank brand guidelines.

Deliverables /

Deliverables Deliverables Deliverables

New Mobile Experience

We designed a mobile user experience that reflects and leverages Nedbanks' unique brand objectives and personality. Through the mobile channel Nedbank clients know that they can trust the Nedbank brand and that Nedbank understands their diverse circumstances and needs. This new mobile experience is modern, fresh, innovative and accessible.

UI Guidelines

Following the initial design phase we produced a document of UI guidelines for Apps and Mobile sites to help future expansion while keeping visual consistency. It also ensures that the brand experience does not get distorted and is marketed in the appropriate manner. This document outlines the broad principles of the Nedbank mobile user interface and is to be used as a reference point for everyone who will be creating content for the Nedbank Mobile App Suite.

Style Guides

Our document included style guides for four categories of mobile devices: iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys and Feature Phones. There are wide variations in conventions across this large range and every instance is covered in the UI Guidelines.

The Finished Product /

The Finished Product

Thinking Differently

Nedbank recognises that not everyone has a smartphone and therefore the applications are able to work across the gamut of phones in the market today – from the old J2ME phones right up to smartphones and tablets.

Breaking the Cycle

Not only has Nedbank Mobile arrived, but it has arrived in style with a platform that will take it and its customers into the future.

Pushing the Market

Fully functional banking and a wide range of transactional capabilities with the Banking NedApp.

Driving Product Innovation

Welcome to the world of Anytime, Anywhere banking from Nedbank.