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NCB Case Study

NCB - Case Study


NCB use the mobile channel to deepen the relationship between their brand and the customer

Furious Tribe produced a mobile business strategy, roadmap and return on investment case analysis that achieved real results.

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Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

The Brief /

The Brief

About NCB

NCB is one of Ireland's largest full service investment firms. With over 25 years experience, they have become one of the leading providers of wealth management, Fixed Income, Institutional Equities and Corporate Services.

Shared Beliefs

NCB believe in putting the interests of their clients first, which is a philosophy they share with Furious Tribe. Through our intricate process of creating elegant user experiences, Furious Tribe worked in conjunction with NCB on an existing app they had developed.

Clients First

By re-designing the entire structure and user interface components of the app, NCB were then presented with an app that was focused on had their target customer's needs.

Persona Development /

Persona & Task Analysis  

Why Use Personas?

The creation of Personas was crucial in uncovering the typical users of NCB's app. Personas are fictional characters that depict the wants and needs of the primary audiences of a product or service. Through extensive research including interviews and surveys, the personas for NCB were crafted and they assisted in generating the ultimate user experience for the app.


Personas Development Outcome

Through our research into the users of NCB's app, it was clear that functionality such as viewing account summaries and daily reports were most important for the user. Furious Tribe then focused on making sure that the user could carry out their intended tasks with relative ease and encounter no roadblocks when on their journey.

Wireframe Experience /

Defining Flow

Through our highly effective process of wireframing and prototyping, Furious Tribe was able to design with NCB's specific audience in mind. With the help of the personas that were created, wireframes were then mapped out to capture the journey that NCB's users would take through the app.

Wireframe Analysis

Attention to detail was a primary objective during this process, as Furious Tribe created smooth and seamless interactions for the app. Analysis of the entire app structure then took places, and iterative changes were made until Furious Tribe and NCB were fully satisfied.

Up To Date Development

Continuous contact was made with NCB from there on out, to ensure that no stone was left unturned when defining how the NCB app would function along with the overall look and feel.


The Deliverables /

Research and Re-design

Furious Tribe carried out a vast amount of research that then resulted in a massively successful redesign of a current NCB app. Through this redesign, NCB were able to break away from the idea of their user's only being able to view portfolio invests through a desktop computer and in a stationary setting.

User Satisfaction

NCB's app now supplied their customers with the ability to view personal account summaries; the latest exchange rates, research reports and NCB contact details anywhere and at anytime.

Brand Identity

The redesign of the app was visually engaging with faultless interactions and a completely uniformed look and feel that was in conjunction with NCB's brand.

The Finished Product /

The Finished Product

Mobile Innovation

Through our mobile innovation process, Furious Tribe presented NCB with a highly engaging and intuitive app that encapsulated the needs of their users.

Thinking Differently

Thinking about the customer and their ultimate goals was a view that was shared between NCB and Furious Tribe. This made our collaboration a success as there was a united focus at all times.

Driving Product Innovation

NCB are not only leading in the industry of full investment firms, but are now game changers in mobile investment portfolio monitoring.