User Research /

Furious Tribe provide clients with an opportunity to view current trends and changes that occur in the mobile industry.

Find out what features your customers need

By implementing up to date and unique research techniques on a local and global scale, our clients are presented with a significant amount of qualitative data.


Allow customers to drive product development

We analyse a comprehensive amount of areas in the mobile channel that allow our clients to view hidden opportunities that ultimately improve their product or service. Focusing on the position of each individual client on a vast coverage area helps formulate strategies that fit our client‘s goals.


Gain competitive insights in your industry

Analysis is key to improving our client‘s mobile business strategy and we offer solutions on how to reach new target markets while gathering competitive intelligence.

    Why do this?

  • Examine potential audience behaviours and market trends.
  • Identify core strengths and weaknesses that affect overall success
  • Find how to take new approaches and gain objective insights.