How We Do It

Deployment made easy

Deploy engaging Apps that delight your customers.

Make it your own

Own your App Strategy, take development in-house.

life-cycle management

Manage the life cycle of Apps across entire organisation.

Create Amazing Cross-platform Apps.

Updates Go Live Instantly

Instant updates

Apptivate sends content, layout and functional changes to your App instantly. While your competitors will have to re-submit their App to the store every time.

Dynamic theme

Change the look and feel of your App, rearrange content and more - all in real-time.

Easy Drag and Drop

Drag and drop interface makes it easy to update your App in real time.

Apptivate makes it easy to get important updates to customers in real time.
Developers Rejoice

Compile on the cloud

Cloud Compilation. Forget builds, binaries, compile cycles and signing issues.

powerful tools

Powerful web-based IDE, create / edit App source code for complex requirements.

Wireless distribution

Over the air testing, watch as your code instantly comes to life

Eliminate Guess Work, Track Everything

Track Everything

Go beyond the numbers. Find out what users are saying about your App across the major stores.

Devices and platforms

Track downloads across your platforms and see what devices are popular

Geolocation Stats

Find out what geographies your users come from. View a granular breakdown of city and regional stats.